The final stage of the fish growth cycle. The juveniles are transferred for one last time into the Grown Out tanks to provide maximum space for growth. Post juveniles are transferred at about 90g and are expected to gain 50g per week to reach the weight gain expectations. To calculate a good yield, we expect 20% of the fish to fall on either side of the weight gain expectations i.e 10% will exceed this expectation and 10% will not reach this expectation.

Once the fish get to 500g, the harvesting process begins. The harvested fish is gutted, shaped to the popular ‘circle-shape’ and dried. This is packed and sold within 48hrs of harvesting which means our customers get the produce at its freshest.

The unharvested fish is left to grow up to 1.5 kg and then it is sold fresh within 24hours of gutting… again, giving our customers the freshest Catfish in the UK

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