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Ammonia Remover neutralizes toxic ammonia, chloramines and chlorine. Is safe for everything that lives
in the pond. Ammonia Remover gives beneficial bacteria time to multiply and recover if the biological
filter gets damaged keeping pond fish from being stressed. Use Ammonia Remover preferably after
refreshing or adding tap water. Also use when the pond is over-populated with fish.
– Every ounce removes 1.25 ppm of toxic ammonia by forming an irreversible complex to reduce free ammonia to safe levels.
– Neutralizes residual chlorine and destroys deadly chloramines.
– Treats ammonia burn in pond fish.
This bottle treats ponds up to 20.000 litres.
Fish transport: Microbe-Lift / Ammonia Remover is very suitable when transporting fish (new ponds,
koishows, transport) during the hot summer months.
A few drops of Ammonia Remover per 4 litres in each transportation bag will support a safe transport.
Dosage: Add 30 ml Ammonia Remover to 600 litres of water to decrease the level of ammonia with 1,25
mg/ltr. Treat for total ammonia level at one time. If needed, the dosage may be repeated safely. If toxic
levels of ammonia persist, a partial water change is recommended. Over feeding may be the cause.

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