Frequently Asked Questions!

FlutedPumpkin fishes are safe for sales and consumption across the United Kingdom and globally. FlutedPumpkin works with UK safer food regulators to meet all UK food standards. 

Our fishes are packaged and stored in the most natural way – avoiding chemical preservatives completely. Our fishes are sun dried and smoked before they are transported to their various destinations. Good news is, your fish can also reach you live. If you want to know how that is possible, contact us and it will be our little secret.

Our fishes can be packaged and delivered within 24hours across the UK. 

Yes, FlutedPumpkin is a registered business in the UK and the organization licensed to farm catfish in the UK. 

FlutedPumpkin mainly deals with African catfish

FlutedPumpkin is waiting to receive your orders through our email, social media dms or even whatsapp @+447341216837

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