Aquaculture can be a complex task, with our experience over the years, we can help you with strategic measures and solutions to ease the burden.

From setting up the farm to harvesting and processing catfish, our FlutedPumpkin is ready to go on this journey with you.

We hold your hands and walk through the journey with you.

At the end of the consultation, you will be added to FlutedPumpkin’s email list where you get access to weekly articles that informs and educates you more. We also give you access to be a part of a community of catfish farmers to share ideas, opinions and network better.

Consultancy at Fluted Pumpkin comes with free useful ebooks that cut across for all you need to successfully run your fish farm.

At the end of the consultation session, we will give you free six months of access to our freebies, short courses and one-on-one sessions

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